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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Do you know AMP is not for Blogger? AMP Setup |

August 02, 2020 0
Do you know AMP is not for Blogger? AMP Setup |

What is AMP & Why is it important for website? 

Do you know what AMP is? Mobile friendly website and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this website? How to know if your website supports Google AMP? In India, more than 421 million people use the internet and about 73,488 searches are done on Google every second. Out of this, your Google search is also included and whenever you do any search to get any information on the internet, then you will see the mark of high power on the search result from some time, which is the AMP website symbol it happens. Do you know why websites with such a symbol first come on mobile search?

AMP for blogger and wordpress website

With the arrival of smart phones in the market, internet cyber has reached every person from cafe, school, office and today 70% to 80% of searches are done on mobile only.

Having already increased mobile internet users, it became necessary to give a good user experience to all search engines and for this Google created a project called AMP so that all the blogs, websites, all can be made mobile friendly and users get better search results. Can be given.

What is AMP?

AMP which has full form 'Accelerated Mobile Pages' and also known as Google AMP. It is a website publishing open-source library (Framework). With the help of which a website made on any CMS (Content Management System) is made mobile responsive and fast.
Google AMP pages are so fast that if AMP is configured on a slow Web page, it will turn into a mobile friendly page and the web page will open faster than you think. As its name is Accelerated Mobile Pages, its work is exactly the same and that is why you use Google AMP more than 25 million websites including blogs, news, e-commerce and small businesses.

AMP Importance for Website

Google AMP is considered an alternative to Facebook Instant Article because both use HTML 5 technology. But there are more core components in the Google AMP ecosystem that automatically make the website mobile friendly page.

1. AMP HTML Tags:

To give a better look to any website, the most important thing is that the text, image content on the website is all properly arranged and Google has made some HTML tags for it to fit on the mobile screen width.

2. AMP JS (JavaScript)

Soon, Google has started a new program in the name of JavaScript SEO, which tells how the JS code of a website can be corrected and which codes are used by the search engine. AMP JS library is one of those that is meant to improve the mobile user experience and to make the site fast loading.

3. AMP Cache:

Google AMP Cache is used to improve site overall mobile performance.

1.     1.  Website load faster

To improve the website and achieve good rank, page speed is an important SEO factor. How much is the page-speed of your site? Test it from here. If you have to optimize the website load in a standard way, then you will have to do all these things.

• Enable compression
• Improve server response time
• Leverage browser caching
• Minify resources
• Avoid landing page redirects
• Optimize images
• Optimize CSS Delivery
• Prioritize visible content
Remove render-blocking JavaScript
But if the website is AMP enabled, then it will automatically load fast on the mobile site. By this itself it will be converted into mobile fast loading site.

2. Google Mobile Ranking Improves:

The second best benefit for AMP enabled sites is that there is a lot of benefit in these mobile rankings, due to the quick opening on mobile, the website ranks quickly on the search engine.

3. Site becomes mobile user friendly

If a user opens the site on mobile, then his image does not show correctly, the text is small and not clear, the width does not fit the mobile screen, then it causes a negative impact on the mobile experience and there is a loss in ranking. If the site is Accelerated Mobile Pages enabled.
So the website will fit perfectly on the screen of everyone's mobile and all the images and text will look perfect and clear and this will have a positive impact on the user experience and improve the rank.

4. Site Adjust is done on any browser.

By enabling AMP, the site becomes highly mobile responsive and not just Google chrome. Apart from this, any browser gets adjusted and all the design looks perfectly.
How to put AMP on Word Press Blog?
It is very easy to setup AMP on a Word Press blog and make it mobile friendly. Word Press Blogger can only do this by installing an AMP plug-in.

Top AMP plug-in for Word Press

To setup Word Press, you have to download either one of these and activate. If you download Google AMP, then you do not need to do anything, it will suggest itself which code of the website you have to change.
Note - If you are new then it is better if you do not use Google AMP.

How to put AMP on Blogger?

It is easy to setup AMP on Word Press because here you do not need to do any computer program coding or customize the code already given. But if you want to put Google AMP feature on Blogger, then for this you should know about HTML tags.
We all know that after the blog amp is enabled, the mobile starts to open fast and this gives benefits in both user experience and ranking. In such a situation, if you want to make your blog-spot an AMP website, then these tips will be very helpful for you.
Google AMP has been cited as one of the most important factors for On Page SEO in Google IO 2019.
Tip No. 1 First of all you have to convert all the non-amp tag of Blog into amp tag and you will find it on googleampproject. Which will be something like this.

Pros of Google AMP

• It is a Google product, so there is always a chance to get good ranking with AMP.

• AMP pages will load very fast. You do not need to do any customization to improve your mobile website speed. If you are considering page load speed for Google SERP Ranking then you will get good rank.

• Because of AMP Symbol, you can get good CTR in Search Results.

• If your post featured image appears on top of the search results in Google news carousel, then your traffic can be better.

• AMP Pages are loaded with Google Cache, so it will reduce your Server Load.

• Google AMP is easy to implement, especially for WordPress.

• Readers will like your blog.

Cons of Google AMP

• Reduction in Ads revenue -

Although the AMP project supports Ads, the possibility of increase in revenue is limited as it is difficult to setup the ads efficiently on pages operated by AMP.

• Google AMP Pages will not show your email popup option forms, sidebar widgets, social share buttons, Related Posts and more. So you can loose your email subscribers and you have to lose other things too.

• If you don't like AMP pages in Future, then returning to normal pages is not an easy task.
• AMP pages are loaded with Google cache servers. So you depend on Google. You cannot control their server.

• You cannot Customize AMP Pages Google default format will appear. Not every contents works on AMP. For example, Google AMP rapidly loads the Text Contents of your website, but not the Video.

• If you do not set it properly you will see Duplicate content.
Navigation in your website is hard work. Because there is no Menu.


All that things are most important but if you want AMP then you need to go for Wordpress. You can not use in blogger. If you have any quarry then you can connect using comment.

How to Redirect Your Blogspot Traffic on another blog

August 02, 2020 0
How to Redirect Your Blogspot Traffic on another blog

Redirect blogger traffic to another blog

If you use blogspot, then after some time you move to WordPress, you can miss the traffic of your blogspot
If you want to bring the traffic of blogspot to the site of WordPress, then in this article I will give you the code which you can use in blogger's html to bring traffic to your WordPress or blogger's custom domain. This trick is to blogger redirect to domain or blogger 301 redirect.  
I am going to migrate and i want my blog redirects to another site by using blogger auto redirect code. 
For this, first you have to go to the dashboard of the blogger.

You can follow below steps to put your code to redirect.

1. Go to your blogger dashboard

2. Then go to theme

3. click on Edit html

4. Ctrl + f and search below code

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>  

After find code, Click Enter to make space.

Copy Below Code by click...on Green Box Copy Code Button

Paste it after find code ( Yellow Line ) as below image.

Image To Example

Now Save the Template

You need to change url [ Wordpress ] on above code. After complete the process you can find blogger auto redirect. Here are blogger redirect to page and get your missing traffic.
Now you can  receive your blogger site's traffic on Wordpress.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Google's indian blogger ( blogspot.in ) has been sold

July 27, 2020 0
Google's indian blogger ( blogspot.in ) has been sold

Google sold their Indian domain blogger ( blogspot.in)

                    If you also used to work on blogger.in, you will not be able to do it now because recently Google Blogger.in has been sold which was purchased by an Indian company domainming.com on June 24. The price of which has been kept at just Rs. 5,999 dollars i.e. around 4.49 millions rupees. There are about 4 million urls on this domain. Which will end with the end of Google's ownership.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

How to Protect Your Data in a Connected World

July 26, 2020 0
How to Protect Your Data in a Connected World

What are the 10 data protection principles?

In today's time online data protection is very necessary, as technology has progressed. Likewise, the risk of privacy has increased. With the advancement of Internet, cyber crime has also knocked off with a bang. It is very important for people to know about it. So that they can protect themselves completely. 

As the facilities are large. People have also started getting these facilities. But crime has increased equally. Using free wifi while walking in metro train. It has become a habit of all people.

Although there is a lot of benefit from the internet, but at the same time cyber crime has also increased, whose eyes are always on your data and activity. Today in this post I will also tell you some tips to avoid them along with the activity happening on the internet.

So what are those activities and how to avoid them?

Data protection in a connected world

1. Be Careful What You Click

When you open the email, then there are many messages show in front of you. In such a situation, you also get spam which is a part of cyber criminals. These should be deleted immediately. Many times you get the option to click on websites, which are actually useful to hack your personal information. No such link should be clicked. Whenever you are going to click a link, then you should know what you are going to do. Sometimes you are asked permission for data access. Give permission only if it is necessary.

2. Password Management

By password, we can keep our account away from cyber attacks. You can keep the data safe by applying password protector in your personal data. Often times some people make mistakes that make the password easy, which makes it easy to hack your data.

The password of any account should not be given easily. It should use upper, lower, number, and symbol and as far as possible make the password strong.

Anytime instead of saving passwords in your device, use never save. If you save the password for your ease in a device such as browser and any software on the net, then the hacker can easily see your password.

Never save password for your ATM, bank account and online payment in a computer-like device. This eliminates the safety of your account.

3. Share Carefully

Never share an activity that threatens your privacy. Many times you share your private data through messenger or whatsapp. Which increases the chances of data leaking. Some mobile apps require data access permission. In which permission has to be given for contact, camera and mike etc. Give permission where required.

4. Always Choose Two-Factor Authentication

One should always choose two-factor-authentication (2 FA). Because it is very safe. Like in mobile, otp send as well as email ya then passcode enter option has to be given.

5. Understand the Threat

The way cybercrime is increasing in today's time. In that case it has become so important to keep your devices safe. With the advancement of the internet, the risk of viruses in devices is increasing. It is most important to understand that how can your mobile, computer or laptop be protected. There are many types of antivirus available in the market for protection from viruses.

You can keep your devices safe by using them.
Virus Protection Tips - Antivirus is the easiest and most effective way to prevent virus. Although some antivirus slows down the device, it also makes the device safe.

Most viruses reach the device through internet. By the way a virus can be prevented through a firewall in the Internet. But through an antivirus, it is an easy way to stop the virus from coming into the device or to remove the virus that has arrived.

6. Keep Your Software Up to Date

You should always keep your software updated. There are some software which works perfect after the update. With the software update, many of its files start working in a new way. If you expect any software to be scam, uninstall it immediately.

7. Choose Your Wi-Fi Wisely

If you also use public wifi, then be cautious. Your personal information can be hacked through public wifi. Many times people use their wifi to connect their device to wifi. In such a situation, a lot of personal information reaches the scammer via wifi. Now if you work for bank accounts or any transaction, all this information is hacked through wifi.

With which hacker can easily enter your account and you may suffer loss. You see that in many places like hotels, railway stations, bus stands, hospitals, malls, the option of using free wifi is available. As far as possible you should avoid the temptation of free wifi in such a place.

8. Backup your Information

Always back up your data. Because many times cyber attacks can cause your data loss. If there is a problem of any kind, then due to the backup, you can reinstall the program.

You know how important data is for the user. You can use any data backup software to back up data. By the way, to backup the data nowadays, the option of export and import is available.

9. Monitor Accounts for Suspicious Activity

In today's time, as facilities are big, cyber crime is also big. In such a situation, you should keep monitoring your account. If you find any situation suspicious, take action immediately. Always keep your account signed out.

10. Never Leave Your Products Unattended

Always maintain your device. Whenever you have to go out, keep all kinds of activity checked.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

How to Hide blog posts on Blogger with Pictures

July 25, 2020 0
How to Hide blog posts on Blogger with Pictures
In this post i will tell you.
 How to remove or hide blogger post from homepage.

To hide posts from blogger's homepage

Hide blog posts from blogger with picture
Hide blog post from homepage

Step by step follow :

1.Go to blogger and click on theme option then go to edit html

Go to html edit blogger image

2. Click on <head> then enter.

3. Paste below code.


4. Save the theme 

Friday, July 24, 2020

Back to top button Edit or Remove | Blogger

July 24, 2020 0
Back to top button Edit or Remove | Blogger

How to Add Back To Top Button in Blogger with Pictures

         In this article I will tell you to put the back to the top button in Blogger. First of all, we will know what are the benefits of applying the back to the top button in Blogger.

Why should I put floating back to top button?

back to top button for blogger

The biggest advantage of applying scroll button is that it gives a user with many benefits in addition to creating a genuine look in your website.

For example, if a user wants to comment to you, he has to scroll downwards. Through the back to top button, the user can easily go from back to top with just one click.

Many times a user has to scroll with the scroll button of the mouse. The user has to rotate the scroll of the mouse many times. Many times the user has to scroll through the mouse pointer.

You can use back to top button Image -

back to top image

back to top arrow blogger

back to top arrow button

The larger the post, the more users have to scroll from below. Which can be done very easily with the scroll button.

How can you put Back to top button in Blogger?

Back to top button edit Step by step follow -

Step : 1   Go to html button html

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > 

ctrl + f to find below code


Paste below the code above ]]></b:skin>

You can change background button color as your theme.

Step : 2   bottom to top scroll jquery

Now you need to find <head> and paste below code after the <head> tag

Step : 3   back to top image or text code

and last and final code will be paste after </body>

If you want without image use below code

 <a href="#" id="backtotop">Scroll to top</a>


With image code

Save theme after code placement.

Conclusion :
After code placement you can see that the scroll button is working proper. If you have any question then you can ask in comment. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

How to create download button in blogger post without coding?

July 23, 2020 0
How to create download button in blogger post without coding?


Hello Friends,

Today I will tell you how to add download button in Blogger without coding. In previous articles, I gave you complete information about Google Drive, how you can use Google Drive and how you can upgrade or manage your Google Drive space?  You can get the complete information of

                Google Drive by going to the link.

In this article, how to add a direct download button in a post? I am going to tell you this. To create a link for download, you must log in to Google's drive.

back to top