FIVE amazing tech inventions that will make your life better...

High-speed science and technology are changing and bringing the world ahead. Robotics is increasingly present in life and the only question of time is when it becomes an integral part of everyday life.

You can often read that an ordinary person needs to take care of his future, which is full of uncertainty over the threat of being replaced by machines and robots. But should everything be so black?

Tracking technological trends is a must if you want to keep up with the times. They will not only ease your life, but they will also allow you to enjoy the way you have not been able to. Below you will be able to see five products that are not currently available, but in the near future you will be very helpful.

Podoon - automatic pillow

Pillows are one of those things that have been invented many years ago and since then have not undergone many changes. But the new project called Podoon is a pillow that automatically adjusts your body during sleep: when you change the sleeping position, the pillow will inflate or swell to give you the best support for your neck. Genial, would you say?

Unagi - electric scooter

Another great project coming at the right time - when the government provided subsidies for electric scooters. Unagi is designed with high-tech components, such as an ultra-light but durable aluminum body and tires that are designed to keep water away. When it appears on the market, it is likely that Unagi will cost more than the maximum government subsidy, but if you want to have the best electric scooter in the world - then it is worth sacrificing some of your money.

Jarvish - AR helmet for a motorcycle

To be honest, we all love the technology that Iron Man brings under his superhero costume, and the closest you can come with the helmet Jarvish X-AR. It has advanced voice control, internal speakers, noise abatement technology, and a display that offers visual navigation information. The Jarvish X-AR helmet connects to a voice AI assistant (Alexa, Siri, etc.) and will allow you to feel like a superhero while driving a motorcycle.

BIP - an ultra-caravan chair

Campers' chairs are usually bulky and heavy to collect, and those who are not too big are brittle and can not withstand heavy weights. That's why the BIP caravan chair is invented, which is mounted as easily as it is dismantled, and it is very durable, because it offers support of up to 135 kg. A really great offer for all those people who love to go camping and spend longer time outdoors.

EyeQue - an automated eye test

Lately it has become really rare to find someone who has no vision problem. And all this walking on the optics, checking the eyes, and sometimes the bad attitude of the one who tests them are encountered with great reluctance. EyeQue is a great solution that will allow you to check the type within the comfort of your home. You can do the test using an application on your smartphone, which will recognize visual problems.

The future is exciting because it brings us things for which we have not even thought that they will ever exist. Perhaps the danger of the Judgment Day is still present, but we must not think only negatively, because much of the machines and computers still work in our favor.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, Please comment and tell me what you think about my site.

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