Why do you need a digital detoxification in your relationship?

How much time do you spend with your partner in silence while each of you scroll over the phone, tablet or laptop? Surely there are many people in relationship doing this, and believe me you are not the only ones.

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The Organization for a Healthy marriage called "Lasting" program conducted a survey of 75,000 married couples and found that 79% of respondents admit that technology is distracting and the time they spent on technology like phones, tablets or laptops would otherwise use it to dedicate to their partners.

Only 22% of the "love birds" said they were happy with how much time they spend together as a couple, whether it was an arranged meeting, date or doing something fun together or maybe simply going for a walk together.

It's easy to get into everyday routine and forget how much it takes to spend time alone with your partner, away from everything that takes your attention so that you have a healthy relationship. That's why digital detoxification, the exclusion of cell phones and social networks, is important in order to dedicate yourself to what your partner is saying and respond to his thoughts and needs.

That way you will be closer and happier in the relationship. It is enough to dedicate yourself half an hour when you return home without checking e-mails and notifications and telling yourself how your day was. At night, leave your phones and laptops in another room and spend an intimate evening one on one with your partner.

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