Artificial intelligence makes life easier, but what's the worst case scenario?

Technology and "digital life" have changed the world, and we can no longer imagine everyday life without a computer, a smartphone or the Internet. But in our "digital life" slowly comes the artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence

The question that is more often posed is how the human life in the future will look, and a number of innovators, researchers, activists, as well as businessmen and politicians have tried to respond to that question, as part of a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center in Washington.

Almost 1,000 people gave their opinion on the future related to artificial intelligence. Experts predict that it will connect in a network that will improve people's efficiency, but will also pose a potential threat to human autonomy and capability.

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But there is a black scenario (which is unlikely to come)

However, the majority of experts are still not sure how artificial intelligence will affect people and their lives. Above all, they believe that artificial intelligence will take our lives so much that people will sacrifice their independence, privacy, and choice because everything will become automated.

Fear is associated with the large amounts of data that the artificial intelligence needs to develop. It is clear that its development will also affect the loss of jobs, which could lead to protests and social disorders, as opposed to the development of new jobs associated with artificial intelligence.

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Because of the over-reliance of artificial intelligence, people could lose or forget some key skills such as driving a car or cooking. According to the worst scenarios that resemble those of Hollywood movies, artificial intelligence would take over the weapons, it would be used for cyber crime and would be used to spread false information.

However, these fiercest scenarios do not have to come.

Everyone agrees that, before artificial intelligence develops too much, it is necessary to establish rigorous rules whereby people will always be above robots and machines. To achieve this, it is necessary to improve cooperation at the global level and to develop a decentralized intelligent networking system that will follow ethical principles.

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