Bill Gates: 10 technologies that will change the world in 2019.

Technology is progressing every day, and humanity is increasingly hoping that with its further development it will help solve major problems such as finding medicines for various diseases, fighting climate change etc. Bill Gates believes that already in 2019 we can expect that the modern technology will bring us positive impact and changes that will benefit the humanity.

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He has set aside 10 technologies for MIT Technology Review that could change the world in 2019. These are technologies of great importance to the world, but they are not as well known in the public as some of the others we use on a daily basis.

1. Improve the skill of robots who can manage and manipulate objects themselves.

2. A New Wave of Nuclear Energy - A design of reactors that will allow the reduction of carbon monoxide emissions.
3. Blood tests that warn of premature birth of the baby.
4.A device or pill that can be swallowed and thus biopsy and examination of the digestive tract.
5. Adapted cancer vaccines - that will help the immune system to combat tumor-infected cells.
6. Meat from the laboratory as an alternative meat that will reduce the emission of harmful gases to the food industry.
7. A technique for absorbing carbon monoxide from the air and its "locking".
8. ECG devices on joints - the ability of smart watches to monitor heartbeat and early warning of health problems.
9. Sanitation without sewers - a toilet shell that will help fight illness and bad living conditions.
10. Voice assistants based on artificial intelligence that "naturally" will talk to people.

What do you think about the top 10 tech that will change the world in 2019 according to Bill Gates? 

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