HUAWEI with the new P30 series changes the way and the rules for making a photo

The leading technology brand, Huawei, announced the launch of the HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro, with a completely redesigned camera that provides uninterrupted shooting experience with smartphones.


  • See more light in the dark with the Super Sensing Quad camera

When the light is dim, your photo will shine. Super Night Mode includes a new technology that allows you to record previously dark shots for the first time, to record video with incredible clarity.

  • Closer to the things you want with 10x Hybrid Zoom

SuperZoom lens is an engineering wonder with 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and 50x digital zoom.

  • Look at the two sides of the story with video recording with dual view

Dual-View Video can record two perspectives on the same scene simultaneously using different cameras simultaneously. With the help of both cameras from the same scene, there is an extra perspective that has never been seen before.

huawei p30 and p30pro series

  • Beauty in every layer with Super Bokeh Portrait

The new and improved camera, including portrait backlit and projection, so detailed that even the hair of your hair will be in focus.

The first Leica Quad Camera system in the world combines new sensors, lens adjustment, image processor (ISP), NPU, and image processing algorithms. They work seamlessly together to provide sophisticated professional camera features:

1. The main 40MP camera with the HUAWEI SuperSpectrum sensor provides more light in so clear photographs and videos that were captured in the dark

2. 20MP Ultra-Wide Angle Lens allows you to create a photo that extends from the tallest buildings to superb horizons

3. 8MP 5X SuperZoom Lens allows you to capture details as never before

4. HUWEI Time of Flight (ToF) Camera is designed to measure depth of field, allowing multi-level Bokeh effects, to create portraits with wonderfully blurred backgrounds and sharp objects in the foreground

5. 32MP front camera for perfect selfie

Colors to maintain the trend throughout the year

The CULTURE HUAWEI P30 series features completely new colors inspired by the wonders of nature. The four shades; Amber Sunrise, Breathing Crystal, Black and Aurora - each reflects different times of the day. From the sun that appears on the horizon to the endless salty beaches that reach the sky, to the darkness and the admirable night sky. The P30 series uses a pioneering process to create extra-thin layers of color that easily blend in with each other, while increasing its durability.

Inventive design

A brand-new, double-curved design, with curved OLED on the front and rear glass creates a slim, sleek and easy-to-maintain design. The slide is diminished and the handset is removed using HUAWEI Acoustic Display Technology to use the phone call screen. The FullView display cleverly integrates the new and improved fingerprint scanner on the screen so it does not take up space.

huawei p30 series PRO in every colour

Always in focus

The P30 Pro additionally experiences the deep perception by incorporating the new HUAWEI ToF camera to more accurately assess depth and distance with Multi-level Bokeh effect and smart correction. The blur of the images from the deep field is so detailed, and even the smallest part of the hair will be in focus. Accurate distance measurement allows simulation of multiple levels of the Bokeh effect, highlighting the subject in each scenario.

The same lens allows 3D modeling, allowing users to measure the dimensions of objects using HUAWEI AR Measure, opening the door to a brand new experience.

From the cinematographic aspect

Aside from the possibilities of dual viewing, the P30 series is perfect for a creative director who wants to use cinematographic techniques. Capture and create Hollywood movies with 21:9 movie aspect and edit with AI Video Editor with a new range of special effects and movie filters. AI Movie Editor automatically identifies the actions and gives users background music add-ons and special effects, such as time interruptions and slow motion, to create video sharing content for friends and family.

Intelligence that suits your lifestyle

It is ideal for those who easily lose things or simply want more practical life - with the new OneHop interconnect of the P30 series you can transfer files to Huawei PC with a simple touch. Certain Audi models give you the opportunity to connect your phone to the car key with the help of the Intelligent Digital Car Key.

Always on the go

The P30 Pro features a large 4,200mAh battery that gives faster and more convenient features such as 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge, along with 15W HUAWEI wireless fast charging and wireless reverse charge also ideal for those who are always on the go.

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HUAWEI with the new P30 series changes the way and the rules for making a photo HUAWEI with the new P30 series changes the way and the rules for making a photo Reviewed by techblog on March 28, 2019 Rating: 5

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