Humans are not the smartest kind on Earth

Norwegian business philosopher Anders Indsetz told in a recent lecture in Athens that the algorithm is becoming more and more perfect and it becomes much more pragmatic and more efficient than humans, so his point was that the humans are not the smartest kind on Earth! 

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At a conference held in Greece, Indsetz said that "technology is an answer to everything, but what is the question that suits her?" Reports Greek daily Kathimerini.

Anders Indsetz says he does not consider the technology for good or for bad, but that the technology is "the two things at the same time". To determine the role of technology for humanity, he thinks that political leaders and business leaders should first ask themselves what kind of future they want in the long run, rather than confining themselves to the question "How can technology help us?" Because that would change the role technology plays in our lives.

Norwegian business philosopher Anders Indsetz

In a world in which technology is steadily gaining in importance and taking the lead, Indsetz believes that the only current contributions of humans are our consciousness and creativity. In such world dominated by technology, "humans are not necessary, but we are the only kind who is conscious and who can create theoretical ideas."

Generally speaking, the Norwegian believes that today's problems can be solved with ancient philosophy, combining the elements of the past that hide in our eyes, saving them from history and projecting them in the 21st century.

"Philosophy has always been around us, we just have to make it practical," said Anders when he gave an answer of the audience's question as to why philosophy is necessary to the modern business world.

For Indsetz, sensitivity is the birthplace of creativity, and this is the main principle by which political leaders and entrepreneurs should be guided. In the future, it could help the human race to improve the algorithms and through their knowledge to improve their lives.

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