This is WHY your phones are so damn expensive!

At the time when it was crucial for the mobile to be as low as possible, the price of the leading models was about $ 200 (where relevant), the other day it was announced that the first smartphones at the opening would cost from $ 2,000 upwards.


The first generation iPhonE when it comes out sells for $499, in 2016 the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is $670. This year's starting price of the Galaxy S10 is $900, and next-generation iPhones probably will not have a price that starts below four digits.

The biggest part of the blame for this is that today it has become harder to sell phones. Today, far more people have a smartphone compared to a few years ago, and people keep their phones longer. For this reason, manufacturers have two options if they do not want to cut their profits: sell more phones or sell more expensive phones. Obviously, they have chosen the second option, "writes Jacob Castrenackes in the text on Vergy.
It should not be looked in the way that manufacturers are exclusively working greedy, we should bear in mind that the price for the production of phones is growing, so if the cost of iPhone 4 in 2010 is estimated at just under $190; parts in the iPhone XS Max reach $390. Plus, inflation can also be calculated or added on to this costs.

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