" There are more and more arguments that are hold (in theory), but mainly the whole thing is that Huawei's success in the creation of 5G equipment is a sign that the United States loses the leading position in the mobile Internet and "symbolically signifies that the economic superiority of the Chinese passed the point from which there is no return. "

huawei 5G

Huawei, with all its technology and patents, is on track to hold almost half of the global 5G market, which the nations took that like a threat because that are the nations accustomed to dominate and control new technologies.

In addition, the dominance of the 5G technology will mean that the authority to set standards for future technologies, such as 6G, will shift to China.

Commercial power almost always turns directly into power to set standards ... and if you dominate the standards, you dominate the product. Development and inventions will go faster and you will work better than others, "explains Computer Science Professor at Columbia University, Henning Schulzrin.

With this in mind, the United States is currently not producing 5G equipment, but it uses its entire military from intelligence to pressure the Allies not to use Chinese technology. As the US Vice President explains, "we can not ensure the defense of the West if our allies become dependent on the East."

Huawei currently holds about one-third of the global 4G market, and for 5G it is expected that this will grow to one-half. The company already has agreements to install 5G with a variety of countries around the world.

All this drama, Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto, Janis Stein, is reduced to the following equation: 

It's not about someone's virtue. For most of the world, the question is who gonna spy you
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