APPLE AND SAMSUNG fined for the intended slowing of your PHONE!

An Italian court fined Apple by 10 and Samsung with 5 million euros because it proved what many and laymen had sensed: that they were deliberately offering updates that slow older phones just to get customers to buy a new model.

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The investigation into this topic lasts from January this year and led by the Italian agency for ensuring market competitiveness. Have found and proved that some software updates adversely affect the performance of the device.

Apple and Samsung have used dishonest commercial practices with new versions of operating systems to slow down the work of devices by part to encourage users to buy new phones, "found Italian anti-monopolists.

This is the first judgment of this type against global tech giants. The statement after the verdict said that companies did not provide their users with real information about the impact of the new software nor gave them instructions on how to restore the old one. And for the offered new versions of operating systems it was found that they cause serious work problems and reduce performance, which encouraged purchases of new phones. 

Some time ago, Samsung encouraged the users of Galaxy Note 4, to download the new operating system intended for those of a week, after which it quickly became apparent to the four Android devices that they are nowhere near the new Android devices. The same is the case with the six iPhones that have installed the IOS for weeks.

 After this point the two firms are fined 5 million and Apple earned an additional 5 million fine because they were hiding essential characteristics of lithium batteries, including their lives, how to maintain them and possibility of changing them. 

If the same case replicates in France, the penalties will be far greater because it is forbidden to deliberately reduce the product life time to increase sales, the fine is up to 5% of the company's total income, and it is anticipated a prison sentence.

Apple admitted in December that software updates had reduced performance on devices with weaker batteries, but that it was for their own benefit, in order to reduce the number of system crashes and sudden disconnections of the device. 

APPLE AND SAMSUNG fined for the intended slowing of your PHONE! APPLE AND SAMSUNG fined for the intended slowing of your PHONE! Reviewed by techblog on April 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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