You got LUCK if your ATM catch this Virus!

Instead of the standard credit card theft of ATM customers, the victim of a new malware is the ATM itself, which cannot be controlled and throws away all the cash it holds.

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Its official name is "Jacpoting", the attack is being carried out with the program "Cutlet Maker" and a recently published investigation shows that only in Germany with this attack in a few months in 2017 has been stolen over 1.4 million euros.

The program is used to fool the ATM into throwing money away without putting any card in it. This requires that the ATM be physically open and have access to the USB port.

virus makes atm throw money luck jackpoting

The investigation concludes that outside Germany, the attack was also carried out in the United States, Latin America and Southeast Asia. This virus is getting universal and catches on in all banks and ATMs. Winkor 2000 ATMs were affected in the German investigation. By Dabold Nixodorf, the manufacturer of these ATMs, only declare that they are aware of jackpoting and that they work to protect customers.

winkor Procash 2000xe atm virus makes atm throw money luck jackpoting

Berlin authorities have reported 36 cases of jackpoting since spring 2018.

"One of the major security problems for ATMs is that they are basically outdated Windows computers.
Very old and very slow machines, "explains Weiss.

Otherwise, the Cutlet Maker is currently priced at around $ 1,000, plus in that price you getinstruction in Russian and English, and vendor training and support. On top of cheap software and old computers, experts complain that no victim (bank) wants to report that such an attack has taken place. 

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