STOP making new SMARTPHONES every YEAR!

Simple Math: The TV you have in your living room (most often) is purchased 4 years ago, for 700-800 dollars, and you probably won't even think about changing it for a long time, but The smartphone you have in your pocket was bought for a maximum of 2 years for 500 euros and already makes you nervous that you need to change it. And that's a problem.

man holding new smartphones they are making it every year

And not to be misunderstood, it's not that we need to switch TVs more often, but that we need to switch phones less often.

When smartphones first appear, buying a new model is necessary because the new phone for the first time allows surfing the Internet with a real browser, opening PDF files, or something from the Office suite.

However, for years now every phone has been able to do this, and the only progress has been on screen quality, better camera, more durable battery life and faster processor, enhancements that don't justify buying a new device every 2-3 years. Instagram and Facebook will also open in your 5 year old phone.

Today the main advancement of the smartphones comes from the software and applications improvement, not hardware.

"What if Apple didn't release iPhone 11, or Google skipped Pixel 4 this year? For users life will continue without any changes. But for companies themselves, changing the pace of launching new devices once a year would be a significant risk, "explains Mark Wilson in the text for Jastkompani.

All this has been a reflection of the turnover of smartphone manufacturers over the past few years as people are no longer so keen on new models and decide that the device they have can last for another season or two.

Because it is almost inconceivable that companies will give up on the annual cycle, among the options the industry has in the future is to launch their products and allow their upgrades more openly to the customers, so they can choose what kind of smartphone they would like to make in their preferences, for example instead of big storage you will get better camera quality something like building your own desktop computer (PC). There is more options similar to this and very different to the example given above but we can only guess what path the corporations in this industry will choose.
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