Your DATA will never be SAFE on your SMARTPHONE!

Until just a few months ago, the camera apps on Samsung and Google smartphones had a failure through which attackers could access the camera, capture audio, video and take pictures with it, upload it to their own server, without your knowledge or indication that something is happening to you.

Man holding a computer that is being hacked and data has been stolen

The ability to access your camera is due to a weakness in the Android operating system. Although Google ignored the glorification of carefully designed Android to prevent apps from abusing it and preventing them from accessing the camera and microphone of the smartphone, in this case there is a flaw.

Computer security company Shackmarks finds that applications do not need permissions to activate the camera, and then upload the recorded material to their own server. According to them, a potentially harmful application only needs access to the memory (s) of the device, which is one of the most common permissions when installing applications.

What does this mean in practice? This:

- Capture with your camera and upload to your own server.

- Capture with your camera and upload to your own server.

- By monitoring the proximity sensor (an option used by the camera) the attacker can determine when you hold the phone to your ear and start recording audio on both sides of the conversation.

- At the same time as the top striker takes place, he may decide to shoot a video.

- Using GPS tags of photos and videos to locate your phone anywhere in the world.

- Access and copy all photos and videos to your device.

- Capture and record video whether your smartphone is unlocked or locked.

man using a Android smartphone the data there isn't safe

Google and Samsung closed this gap this summer. Google said other smartphone makers might be vulnerable to this omission without specifying specific brands and models.

Outside of the update and fixing the flaw, Google (and Samsung) neither feels nor will be held responsible for such a massive security flaw that endangers hundreds of millions of users of the operating system that is one of the pillars of his business and the billions he earns on every month.
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