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Monday, June 22, 2020

What are Search Engines? Top 10 Search Engines in the World

    Definition of Search Engine

    The search engine searches the information desired by the user from the infinite amount of information available on the Internet. Search Engine displays the results related to these Keywords or Phrases in lists, called Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). In the search engine results page, various types of information related to the queries searched by users are searched. This includes text documents, media files (image, video, audio, animation) etc. Based on the information discovered by a search engine user. It first shows its best information. After this the sequence continues. Some search engine provides SEO SERVICES.
    The search engine shows you millions of results for the query.

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    How does the Search Engine work?

    It is not in everyone's ability to understand the work of search engines. Its functioning is very complex. In all search engines, two methods are used to search the query information. If you want information Through search box, you can search your favorite information on the Internet.

    1. Keyword Search 

    By the search keyword. Here many key Phrase avalible to get result.
    Key Phrase, which displays it. Search engines crawl your database related to that particular word or set of words and displays a list of hits or sites that correspond to that particular word or set of words. Each hit or site has a hyperlink to a related webpage or other documents (eg, photos, videos, etc.) with a brief description. The search engine displays millions of hits or sites related to a query. The search engine displays approximately 10 hits or site hits or sites received from queries searched in the search engine. Hits or sites in which a particular word or group of searched words are most likely to appear first. Search engines are commonly used for Keyword Search.

    2. Directory Search 

    Most search engine directories offer a search option. Through directory search, the content available in the search engine's directory- sports, education, science and entertainment etc. You need to search in search box and can find better result as you desired. The most popular search engine Yahoo!For directory search engines.

    Top 10 Search Engine Names and Best Search Engines

    1. Google.com

    Google search engine is the most used web search. It launched in 1997. The founders of Google are two college friends, Mr.Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is a safe search engine.

    2. Bing.com

    Bing is a popular search engine. It is created by Microsoft. The Search engine launched in 2009.

    3. Yahoo!

    Yahoo! Search Engine is third in popularity. Yahoo! The search initiated in 1995. It is a very old search engine.

    4. Baidu

    Developed by Robin Li in 1996 by RankDex offered various servicesin . It has a mapping service called Baidu Maps.

    5. Yandex 

    Yander is a web search engine from 2015 owned by the Russian corporation. In Russia, Yandex is the biggest search engine. There are 57% yandex search engine users in Russia.  A lot of people get good traffic by making backlink on Yandex. You can submit your site on Yander Sprav.

    6. Ask. Com

    Ask.com is a question and answer website. Here users get answers to their questions. Ask.com is a nearly 20 year old search engine. Its unique point is that Ask.com looks for answers to questions. And here you can find your answers by category.

    7. DuckDuckGo.com

    launched in 2008. DuckDuckGo does not track any activities of users. It does not show personalized results.

    8. DogPile

    is a meta search engine. It shows results by taking information from other Search Engines like Google, Yahoo !, and bing.com. This search engine is very oldand launched in 1995.

    9. Ecosia.org

    Ecosia Search Engine launched on 7 December 2009 by Christian Kroll. It is a search engine based in Germany and Berlin. Ecosia donates 80% or more to forestation of its profit and non-profit organization. It is a tree planting search engine.  It used to give funds on planting trees.

    10. Aoisearch.com

    You can search torrent, Images, Videos, File sharing system, Firefox toolbar, Chrome Extension etc. Here are many video categories for search engines Like Bing.com, Qwant, YouTube, MetaCafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. In web categories there are Bing, Dogpile and Yandex.




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