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Sunday, June 28, 2020

What is a Google Drive? How to access Google Drive ?

    What is Google Drive ?

    Google Drive is a type of web storage service that Google provides to all its users. Although we can only use some of its limited services, today I will tell some ways that you will be able to use Google Driver unlimited, just for this you will have to spend some money. By the way, I agree that 15 GB of free storage is enough.

    You can use cloud storage in mobile or computer wherein you can save mp3, mp4, audio, video, photos, document, data of computer and save it in your folder. Google Drive service started from 24 April 2012.

    Google drive logo image

    Google Drive is an online cloud storage service of the Internet, using which you can keep your data safe in Drive, which is completely secure. Data stored in a computer or mobile drive can often be removed as a drive format or virus, but data stored in cloud storage is always protected, provided that you always remember its login ID and password.
     If for some reason you forget the password, you get the option to recover it.
    You can download the data kept in Google Drive at any time or by logging into the same drive mail, you can view and use the data.
     By the way, 15 GB of data space is available for free to use Google Drive storage, but still it is quite suitable according to our needs.
    Because mostly we have to put some work files or photos in it.
     But if you want to put MP3, MP4 audio, video, photo or document etc. in it, then you may also need more storage.


    • 15 GB  -  Free Use
    • 100GB  -  130/-     Rupees Per Month Or 1300/- Year
    • 200GB  -  210/-     Rupees Per Month Or 2100/- Year
    • 2 TB     -  650/-      Rupees Per Month Or 6,500 /- Year
    • 10 TB   -  6,500/-   Rupees Per Month
    • 20 TB   -  13,000/- Rupees Per Month
    • 30 TB   -  19,500/- Rupees Per Month
    google storage pricing
    Google Storage Pricing

    Apart from this, there are many plans, the information you can take in the Google Drive storage upgrade plan.


    Some specific things about why you should use Google Drive -

    - In this, you can protect the data according to your need.
    - It is an online storage data service which is quite secure.
    - To use gdrive, you need a Gmail ID to sign in.
    - You get 15 GB free storage on one account.
    - If you want, you can use different storage according to your account.
    - Here you have the option to create different folders and you can also create Excel datasheet, Text and documents etc. in this drive.

    Deshboard of Google Drive image
    Google Drive Dashboard

    In addition to this, you may also get the option to use Google Docs in Google Drive from where you can create different types of document files.
    Google Drive is also used for backup and sync data (photos, audios, videos, contact no., and files )
    With the help of Google Drive, a lot of data can be stored over the cloud which you can utilize anywhere including home, office or whenever or wherever you need to access the data.
    Anyone can also use Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides. Google Drive is used both online and offline.
    You also get the option of Google Form in Google Drive. With the help of Google Forms you can create online forms. Google drive Whats App is also a best function.

    How to use Google Drive in computer and mobile ?

    You can use Google Drive in both computer and mobile. If you want to use Google Drive in mobile, then you have to install an application and you can also login from your Chrome browser if you want.
    Google Drive Software and Google Drive App(Specify).

    How you can use Google Drive to upload data ?

    First you have to login to Google Drive by Software Or you can also login to your Google Drive through the website.
     If you are logged in on your Gmail ID, from there you can easily go to gdrive (Gmail Google Drive)
    Now after coming to Google Drive, you have to click on My Drive.
    After coming to my drive you have to create a folder.
    Upload files- We have to click on upload files which is yours
    Wherever you have to upload the file, you can pick up that file from the location.
     Upload folder - When you have to upload the entire folder of Data Files, for this you have to go to the option of upload folder and from there you can upload the entire folder and take it to Google Drive.
    After visiting Google Drive, you get several options like creating documents online, creating Google Sheets, creating and using presentations in Google Slides, as well as creating forms.


    If you want to share the uploaded files with your friends, then you will also get a simple share option for this.
      To share the data, you have to download the data first, after that you have to copy the link by clicking on the get sharable link.

    Share link by google drive image
    Share Link by gdrive img

    You can send the link to whoever needs it.
    To move your uploaded file to computer mobile, you have to click on download.
    If you want to delete the file from Google Drive, then you have to click on the option to remove it.

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