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Thursday, July 23, 2020

How to create download button in blogger post without coding?


Hello Friends,

Today I will tell you how to add download button in Blogger without coding. In previous articles, I gave you complete information about Google Drive, how you can use Google Drive and how you can upgrade or manage your Google Drive space?  You can get the complete information of

                Google Drive by going to the link.

In this article, how to add a direct download button in a post? I am going to tell you this. To create a link for download, you must log in to Google's drive.

Step by Step process To add Download button -

Add download button to blogger post
Download Button

Any data that we have to install for download will have to be kept in the drive of the file or software with zip or unzip in computer. Follow the step by step...

1. First of all we are logged into Google Drive.
Log in process you can see in my previous article.

Google drive

2. After logging into Google Drive, click on my drive and then if the file is there, then upload the file and software or any other.

Select file or folder from google drive

3. After upload, click right on the uploaded software or file and
    Click on Get Shareable link. Copy the link...

Get shareable link in google drive


4. Open a website as link generator...
( google drive direct download link generator )

Paste copied the link and clicked on the direct link to create a new link.

Google drive download link generator

Now your download link will be ready.
Save it in your note pad.

Now, how to download in blogger post, this method has to be understood.
If you want, you can place the download link without the download image, I will tell you to download the link with the download button image and without the image.

Next Step to add Download button

1. You must save a download button image to your computer or mobile. You will find the image easily on Google. As below Example image...
Download button Example
[ Button Example ]
2. Now you have to go to the edit section of your post. Here, wherever you want to install the download button, you have to upload the image of a button you have downloaded. After the image is uploaded, we have to add a link kept in Notepad.

For which we have to select the image and go to the link option and click.
We will paste the notepad link in the space provided.

Download button link in post edit

3. After you have done the download link button has been added to your post.

Now you publish the post.


Now whenever a user clicks on the given download button, whatever file or software you have given will start downloading.

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